Handmade Websites for Creatives

Photographers, interior designers, architects, chefs, gallery owners, and artists have all been inspiring clients over the past 5 years. We speak the same language, where design matters most pared with the flawless function of a website. It is my passion to understand the creative vision of my clients and to express it in a suitable online experience.

Skills & Services

My skill set covers a lot of ground explored over the past 15 years:

  • trend analysis
  • interior & furniture design
  • architectural design
  • styling
  • website design & programming
  • graphic design

Which allows me to offer the following services:

  • creative direction
  • branding & identity development
  • logos, business cards, brochures, ad layout
  • websites & social media presence
  • interior design for your home, office or retail space
  • styling of interiors or for photo shoots
  • trend research and analysis, what market niche should my new business or product target?

Franziska with her family

Play the short (4 min.) audio clip above of an interview with me by the fabulous Pamela Thompson to hear me talk about why I love what I do and how I work.


Magazine-aholic. Always have been, always will be. I knew my guy was my guy when he found a way to occupy himself in a book store for hours without complaining!

Other highlights of my working life include (but are in no way limited to):

  • graduating with honors from The Oxford School of Architecture in Enlgand
  • improving people’s homes in well-to-do London suburbs early in my career; best way to learn is by doing
  • experiencing the flawless behind-the-scenes organization you would expect from Martha Stewart Living first hand
  • crashing many design parties in New York; being in one room with Zaha Hadid and Donna Karan at the same time was the best
  • having a light I designed with my hubby hang over Oprah and Nate Berkus’ heads on The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • becoming a “Small Space Expert” for a while when we lived in 350 sq. feet in New York with our baby
  • being featured in the magazines I was perusing for years…

Dream design project for the future: a wooden cabin in the mountains, anywhere.

Favorite architect: Peter Zumthor. He designs the experience first, and lets that dictate the materials and architecture. The photographs of his spa in Vals do being there no justice! Ingo Maurer once called his style sensual minimalism. I couldn’t say it any better.

Am yet to count how many places I have actually been to. Am worried I am starting to forget some of them… I love to travel!
I do remember living in Hannover, Sydney, Santa Fe, London, Oxford, Cape Town, New York & Santa Fe. Where to next?

Extremely visual. The angels start singing when everything comes together on a page, on screen or at a photo shoot. That’s what I live for.

Have to make a little something each day to stay sane. Sewing, embroidery, and knitting, or crochet are my preferred methods. Cheaper than therapy. Visit my blog to see what I make.

Adore my nine year old boy. He’s planning to be president (of who knows what) one day!

I’d love to learn more about your passion and dreams and how we could communicate them to your audience.

Thanks for reading/joining me,


Design Santa Fe & Architecture for Humanity

I love the added energy of working in teams and being a web designer in my home office can be lonely at times. As a cure I have been involved in local charitable design endeavors since 2009. First I joined pretty much all of Santa Fe’s interior designers who were putting on an annual event called Design Santa Fe. I became the speaker committee lead, and yes, of course I rebuild their website 3 times throughout the years. Hosting nationally acclaimed speakers from the design field for 3 days in our charming little town was the highlight of my year. I would pick them up from the airport and cherished the opportunity to chat one-on-one. The fact that the event benefited a shelter-related charity made it even better.

In 2011 Cameron Sinclair, co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, came to speak at Design Santa Fe’s Design Dialogue. He was charismatic and inspiring. Many audience members asked how to get involved locally after his presentation. It dawned on me that unless I called a first meeting for everyone who had shown an interest, nothing would happen. So I did… and that’s how I have become the co-coordinator of Santa Fe’s Architecture for Humanity Chapter. You can watch a short video of our first completed project on the right. I had forgotten how much I enjoy construction!