You are a creative force to be reckoned with
and need an online presence to prove it.

While you are busy doing your work in the world I am your right hand that brings your vision to the online stage.

Not only can I design and develop an original website that reflects who you are as a human being in a world full of sleek interfaces but I will continue to be there as your business grows, your vision expands and you need to build your audience. I love strategizing with you to find fun and unique solutions to show your skill set off to the world.

Simply put: My passion is to let you shine! I have a very varied background and always love trying new things so if you don’t see what you have in mind listed here, contact me anyway. We may have a great time coming up with something completely new!

With her clients Franziska speaks design, not code.– Victoria Price

Custom Website Design & Development

Take off your shoes, put up your feet, let’s get creative and build a comfy online home for you! It needs to fit your skin (and only yours!) and feel just right, like your favorite sweater while being an effective tool in communicating your message and engaging your dream clients.

How it Works

Let’s set up an initial free meeting, in person if you are local, or via Skype. Once we have worked out a basic strategy that fulfills your website needs best I will issue an estimate. You can then decide whether you are ready to commit to working with me.

Once we get going I bill hourly for the time it actually takes to design and build the website or any other online requirement you may have. I have found over the years that billing hourly is fairer to you, as I only bill for the time I actually spent and fairer to me because I don’t get burnt by the occasional hick-up.

If you have a budget in mind, we can adjust our web strategy accordingly.

Let’s talk!

Subscription Packages

You have a website in place that is stuck in web 1.0. You have things to share online but never quite have the time to get around to updating your website, send out a newsletter, or write a new blog post! Then nothing happens on your site for months or even years and it reflects badly on your business.

It’s time to change that, as 97% of people do judge your business by your website – not only the design, but also if it is kept up to date. If it looks like it was built 5 years ago and forgotten about they assume you don’t care or that your services are crappy!

Don’t let that happen to you, it’s time to take action and I am here to help!

In response to the need to keep our online personas alive and kicking, I am now offering subscription packages. It helps you budget for the expense on a monthly basis while making sure that you stay current on the web.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level?

These are just some of the benefits of a Subscription Package:

  • puts a consistent and timely message from you out to your current and potential clients
  • makes sure your website is up to date with the latest online technology
  • let’s you adjust your message as you grow
  • keeps your site visitors engaged
  • allows you to increase your website’s effectiveness through the use of strategic tools such as building your email list
  • is targeted to offer real value to your clients through informative content and unique offerings that will keep them coming back for more

We will always look at the data that website statistics collect to interpret the feedback the visitors to your site give us and adjust our strategy accordingly.


(6 month commitment)

    • 1 monthly strategy meeting at the beginning of the month (up to 1 hour length)
    • 5 hours of web development time
    • website statistics review at the end of the month
    • Strategic planning for online success



(6 month commitment)

    • 1 monthly strategy meeting at the beginning of the month (up to 1 hour length)
    • 10 hours of web development time
    • website statistics review at the end of the month
    • Strategic planning for online success



(1 month commitment)

    • 1 weekly strategy meeting at the beginning of the week (up to 1 hour length)
    • 5 hours of web development time / weekly
    • website statistics review at the end of the week
    • Strategic planning for online success


How I Can Help

in-house services:

website design and development

  • platforms I have worked in include WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, html/css
    but I am always happy to try something new.
  • all new websites are responsive (= look good on mobile devices)

email newsletters

  • newsletter provider set-up
  • customized sign-up boxes for your website
  • customized auto-responders
  • customized newsletter templates
  • email list building

social media

  • set-up and branding of social media accounts
  • social media strategy

website statistics

  • google analytics set-up, reviews and reports

logo & identity design

  • logos
  • postcards
  • business cards
  • brochures
  • digital marketing materials (pdf downloads, presentations, etc.)

contracted services:

  • content creation & editing (writing content is not my strength but I know brilliant writers who are great at it!)
  • social media posting (again, I am a visual creative, words are not my thing, but with a little help from my friends, we have this covered for you)
  • videos – how-tos, company profile, interviews, etc.

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